CHILL SPILL almond & coconut milk label design for Package Design Class. A fun package design, named after the Quentin Tarantino movie, KILL BILL. CHILL SPILL is a double package project. The first package being the carton almond milk in the yellow package, imitating the first movie cover. The second package being the tin can coconut milk label in red for the sequel cover. The back of the package displays the final "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" scene from the movie.
STANLEY "Not Your Dad's Tools" is a new brand idea aimed at teenagers, high school graduates, college students, and most importantly Dads. Most dad's don't like to lend out their tools, especially when they're not returned and/or stored in the right place. Not Your Dad's Tools is the perfect gift for parents to give their teenage/young adult. This campaign included the main toolbox, a wooden nail box with small instructional brochure on how to design your own box, a hammer, a tape measure, and screw drivers. 

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